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«Creating value with your network - how does that work?»

Communities, connections and networking are essential success factors for individuals and organisations. But what value do all these Linkedin contacts really provide? What good can be achieved with a strong community? And how do you establish truly impactful connections and partnerships?

Presentation, discussion and networking with:

- LizAn Kuster, co-founder of ImpactHub Philippines & Business Development at Kickstart Accelerator

- Camille Bossel, co-founder of FoodHack & currently founding a «Conscious Food Incubator»

- Jonas Nakonz, Project Manager at Policy Kitchen (an initiative by foraus)

- Seraina Soldner, Co-founder of SINGA Switzerland

Tickets: students CHF 5, normal CHF 15

This event is part of the event series «Anders Wirtschaften».

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Impact Hub Zürich, Bogen D, Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zürich


ImpactHub, CooperativeSuisse, Alternative Bank Schweiz