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Institute for Social Banking: Summer School 2019

Die ABS ist nicht Veranstalterin der Summer School, sondern das Institute for Social Banking (ISB). Die ABS nimmt mit einer Delegation an der Summer School teil. Interessierten steht die Teilnahme offen. Die Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

Summer School 2019: Transforming finance. New roles for Banks.

By studying the basic principles and best practices of more than 40 years social and sustainable banking experience, you will be empowered to shape the roles of banks and the future of finance, and make sure that banking and finance is aligned with our challenges to create a sustainable society with human dignity at its core.

The Summer School will highlight the key principles for the lending side, the credit side and the supporting business of social banks. Experts will share best practices and explore the principles for a sustainable finance future. Participants will together explore the future challenges and the transformative potential for social and sustainable banks in particular and the financial sector in general and ask the question: what are new roles for banks -between power position and decentralized network?

Speakers such as expert practitioners from within the ISB member banks as well as from other background, offer their knowledge in workshops that allows participants to engage with each other and build a strong network, while experiencing the field of social banks and sustainable finance and the sectors that they are connected with.

In a week-long course participants engage in a profound exploration of the principles of social and sustainable banking and finance, and explore what those principles offer for society in the light of amongst others the Social Development Goals, the UNEP FI Principles for responsible banking and the implications of the EU action plan on sustainable finance.

A delegation from the ABS will participate in the Summer School.

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