Alternative BAnk

A Brief Outline

The Alternative Bank Switzerland emphasises ethical principles instead of maximum profits. As the leading provider of ethical banking services and a pioneer in the implementation of social and environmental standards, ABS gives encouragement to the Swiss banking and financial markets. All banking activities are based on transparency. Therefore, four offices have been opened in different Swiss regions (Olten, Lausanne, Zurich  and Geneva).

ABS´s products and services are aligned with its client requirements concerning savings, investments, financial security, company financing, real estate and monetary transactions. Loans are issued principally in the area of social or ecological housing (also for private individuals), organic agriculture, renewable energy, as well as SME’s. ABS offers investment advice and ethical/sustainable investment funds.

Key financial data

at 31 december 2015

CHFEUR (approx.)
Balance sheet total1'590 Mio.1'468 Mio.
Client assets 1'466 Mio.1'353 Mio.
Number of clients30'617
Number of credits 1009
Number of shareholders5'212
Number of co-workers96
Share of women in management positions35 %